Hello 2021! Candlelight Yin At Home

Hello 2021! Candlelight Yin At Home

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By Melita

I am offering Candlelight Yin Yoga classes via zoom on one very special Sunday each month through the spring. These zoom classes do allow you to use your bliss yoga class passes!

Props needed for your home class: a block, a bolster, and a blanket. IF you do NOT have these yoga props… no problem!! Grab a couple of thick books in place of blocks, a couple of towels or blankets in place of the yoga blanket, and a couch cushion or two in place of the bolster. If you are really wanting to get the full mood going, feel free to grab a couple of candles.

*The times listed for these virtual sessions are EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone). If you want to join, but that time does not work for you sign up anyway, a recording will be sent to you after the class. Hello Replay!


– Book Mar. 7 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin –



– Book April 4 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin –



– Book May 2 (Zoom) Candlelight Yin –



“When we are in pain, we become self-centered and myopic. When we heal, we become more empathetic, self-less, and sympathetic to the pain and welfare of others. It is our gift to others to heal ourselves.”
~ Max Strom

Photo credit: Melita Mollohan

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